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Dover Urban Renewal Agency (DURA)

Urban renewal and revenue allocation financing are tools available to Idaho communities for attracting and retaining businesses, generating economic development and encouraging development of deteriorating and underutilized areas. Click here to download Urban Renewal 101 from the Association of Idaho Cities (AIC).

The Dover Urban Renewal Agency has a number of goals as listed in the Amended Urban Renewal Plan:

  • Re-design and improve existing streets in the district, including redesigning intersections, and a new entrance from Highway 2, widening of roadways, signalization, and pedestrian access
  • Encourage and assist the development of new residential areas within the Dover Area, with little regard for commercial or industrial development.
  • Provide the necessary infrastructure support for the new residential development at Dover Bay and elsewhere in the City, including water and sewer upgrades, public facilities and parkland development.
  • Rehabilitate existing vacant lots, including wetlands that have become collection points for junk or weeds or other underutilized purposes.

The proposed projects, some of which have been completed, and some of which have changed in their scope and cost, include:

  • Dover Bay/Highway 2 Improvement Projects: Construct improvements to the area commonly known as West Gate, to allow for a western entrance to the city from Highway 2. Construct roadway and utility improvements allow for better traffic and pedestrian use.
  • Fire Station/EMS and Fire Boat: Construct a Fire station/EMS facility in the Dover downtown for the West Bonner Fire District. This will strongly enhance the public safety aspects currently under-developed in the city of Dover. The boat would enhance the use of the river for the proposed waterfront residential development at Dover Bay.
  • Upgrade of the Wastewater Plant: Construct improvements to bring the plant to a stage that the developer of the residential area may add the capacity of 600 ERs (in 2007, expanded to include 4,000 ERs) to the plant, including a new building for a lab, restrooms and offices.
  • Water Improvements: Expansion of the water reservoir serving the city of Dover, to enhance the ability of the city to provide sufficient water pressure and flows for fire protection. Construction of a new potable water tank is also part of the plan.
  • City Beach Improvement: Construct improvements to the area dedicated by the Dover Bay development.
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Dover Idaho!

Photo of the historic Dover Community Hall

Dover is a small bedroom community with a storied history and a bright future.

Water and sewer

Water rates

Starting June 28th, 2016 – per Resolution No. 120, the City of Dover has a new water rate structure.

Parks and trails

Trails and Parks

An extensive network of trails that links Dover to the surrounding area.